A tale of two mustards

This week I tried to different recipes for marinades that included mustard.  Now I used to hate mustard!  There were times when I would refuse to even touch the bottle to put it way after a bbq in case some of it got on my hands.  But I’ve slowly been warming up to the honey and mustard combo and have therefore experimented a bit with honey mustard marinades.

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

I once again fell prey to the reviews!  Instead of following the directions exactly I tweaked a few things according to what other cooks had done.  That included using the sauce as a marinade instead of a glaze (this was good!) and using dijon mustard instead of regular (bad idea!).  The taste of the dijon overpowered everything!  My husband and I did not enjoy it, but my son gobbled it up.  I probably won’t make this again for a while, even following the directions, because (as I think I’ve mentioned before) too much sugar (honey) makes my boy go crazy.

Balsamic Honey Tenderloin

This recipe calls for grainy mustard, which I’ve never heard of before.  So, with the earlier dijon experience still vivid in my memory, I used regular mustard instead.

This marinade was disappointing.  Both my husband and I found the flavour to be very weak and my son wasn’t interested in it either.


If you have any pork tenderloin recipes that you enjoy (especially freezer friendly ones) I’d love to hear from you!