Childhood memories

I can clearly remember a few occasions as a kid when, long after everyone else had finished supper, I was still stuck at the dinner table.  This usually happened when my Mom made something “strange”.  Once it was a meal that had tofu.  Another time is was a vegetarian burger that we dubbed “birdseed burgers”.  But on more than one occasion it was when my Mom made something with sweet potatoes!

And so I used to think that I didn’t like sweet potatoes.  However, it recently occurred to me that every time my Mom cooked with sweet potatoes it was a part of this dish that had orange juice in it.  I have now decided that I just don’t like meals made with orange juice and I am willing to try to gain an appreciation for the orange spud.

(I must also point out that I have been feeding my son sweet potatoes almost since he started eating solid foods, and I am starting to feel a little guilty about the fact that I make him eat foods that I won’t typically touch.)

This week I decided to try roasting sweet potatoes.  My son, who loves sweet potato, of course loved it.  My husband was apprehensive and didn’t give the recipe a rave review.  I thought it was okay, though a little too salty and perhaps a little overpowered by rosemary.  I think I will try roasting sweet potato again, but use a different combination of seasonings.

Continuing on the sweet potato train, I threw some sweet potato into the stew I made this weekend.  I got the idea from a friend’s stew that I had last month.  This was quite good.  There was so much other flavour that you actually didn’t notice them.  My husband gave the recipe tweak his approval, and I’ll likely do this again.

How do you like to eat sweet potato?