Playing Catch Up

Sorry folks!  I’ve gotten seriously behind on my blogging.  I blame it on the exam I had this month… though to be honest I tried to do anything but study leading up to the exam and it’s now been two weeks since the exam.

Before this task of catching up gets even more overwhelming, here is the month in review:

Chicken Noodle Soup

This was really good!  Especially the next day.  I used leftovers from a rotisserie chicken, and only used chicken broth since I didn’t have any vegetable broth.  My son didn’t really like it, but he’s got some strange dislike for leftover meat and was not into the egg noodles at all!

Delicious Ground Beef Stroganoff

I have made this twice now.  The first time I didn’t have any egg noodles in the cupboard so substituted bowtie pasta.  The second time I used egg noodles and added a splash of Worcester sauce as suggested by a reviewer.  However, I forgot until we were half done dinner to add the sour cream.  The Worcester sauce was a good addition, and don’t forget the sour cream!

Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry

After finding the stroganoff recipe on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe I’ve decided to start using this website as my go to for new dinner recipes.  I was not disappointed with this stir fry.  My son loves Teriyaki and this was no exception.  Now it did take me more than 30 minutes to make, but hopefully the more I make it the quicker I’ll get.

Popping Sugar

Okay, so this one may be cheating a little bit…

For my birthday this month my husband and I went out to a fancy restaurant for lunch.  For dessert we ordered an amazing cheesecake.  To our surprise and delight, they had secretly sprinkled popping sugar (think Pop Rocks) on it.  It was so much fun to be surprised by a little popping celebration in our mouths.

Since I loved it so much I decided I needed to repeat the experience at my family birthday party.  I had thought to try to make it myself (if you google home made Pop Rocks you can find a recipe), but when I went to the bulk food store to get citric acid I noticed that I could simply buy generic popping sugar for a dollar more and save myself the hassle.

My little experiment wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped.  The cakes had been refrigerated and so were moist with condensation and the sugar popped prematurely.  But I feel that with the right cake this could be awesome.  I have a lot of sugar left, and if I don’t eat it all myself, I will try this again!

Healthier Strawberry Banana Muffins (minus the “healthier”)

LOVED these!  Will definitely make them again.  The only changes I made was to use regular yoghurt (I haven’t yet jumped on the Greek Yoghurt band wagon) and I likely used my son’s 3.25% milk.  

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

Well, can’t say that I followed this recipe faithfully… so unfortunately it didn’t taste great but I can’t blame it on the recipe.  I think I can blame it on the Dijon mustard.  Many of the reviewers said to use Dijon instead of regular mustard.  Now I don’t like mustard on its own.  So after trying the chicken I had my husband try just the Dijon and let me know if that was the strong flavour we were tasting.  He thinks it was.

I also didn’t follow the recipe’s methodology.  Again following the advice of reviewers,  I marinated the chicken in the sauce for about 30 minutes, then baked it as directed, flipping the chicken after 30 minutes.  It did bake quite well.

My son really enjoyed the chicken and ate an entire breast himself.  We were quite amazed.  But then that night he was a little wild, I think from the honey.  So all things considered, I’m not sure I’ll try this again.