Something simple

It’s a good thing that I made a little something new at the beginning of the week this week, because after Tuesday the week was a bit of a write off in the kitchen.

I had wanted to make herb biscuits to go with the soup we were having for supper.  I ran out of time and ended up using Pillsbury crescents that I found in the fridge and using this recipe.

I will have to try this again.  They didn’t turn out as I’d hope, but I believe it’s because I used large crescents instead of the regular ones.  Since the large crescents are baked longer, they ended up over done.

If you have a recipe for herb biscuits from scratch, let me know!  I’d love to give it a try.


Three guesses

I’ll give you three guesses about what recipe I tried this week.  If you’ve been following my blog then you just might have an idea.

If you guessed that there was pumpkin involved… you be right!

If you guessed that I made muffins… you’d be close!

If you guessed that I made a delightful pumpkin loaf… you’d be right on!

(If you sighed and said “enough with the pumpkin already!”… you probably wouldn’t be alone.  I promise to make something completely different next week.)

Having become very aware of the fact that I have made A LOT of muffins over the past month and a half, I decided to try something new… -ish.  This pumpkin bread was great!  So good, in fact, that I made two loaves this week.  I had to make a couple adjustments due to the fact that I didn’t have all the ingredients, but I didn’t stray too far, so I hope you will forgive me.

Pumpkin pie spice… I’ve never really understood this because, well, the pumpkin pie recipe that I use doesn’t call for it.  So instead of the pumpkin pie spice and cloves listed in the recipe I used the following, as suggested by a reviewer of the recipe:  1/2 tsp each of cinnamon, ground cloves, ginger and nutmeg.  The loaf is quite spicy and I enjoyed it that way.  However, when I make it again I’ll try reducing the ginger to 1/4 tsp and see what that does for flavour.

Butter flavoured shortening… I didn’t know that this existed before reading this recipe!  Not having soft butter to replace this with I just used unsalted margarine (don’t judge me!).  And it turned out just fine.

My one year old son loved the bread and didn’t seem to mind the amount of spice.  My husband said it was good.  We’ve got another keeper!

UPDATE: Reducing the ginger to 1/4 tsp was brilliant!  This perfects a great loaf.