If at first you don’t succeed…

I am becoming increasingly aware of how much salt there is in store bought soup.  Even when you look at soups that have “25% less sodium…” it’s crazy how much is still in there!

We have enjoyed the Campbell’s Gardennay Red Lentil and Vegetable Soup, but still you’re looking at 20% of your recommended sodium intake in one serving.  Then I think about my little boy who surely needs significantly less salt than an adult, and I feel bad for feeding it to him (though he loves it).

So this week I decided to try making home made lentil soup.

Nothing in this recipe seems hard in anyway.  But wouldn’t you know I managed to burn my onions while I was distracted rinsing and sorting my lentil.  Thinking that it wasn’t so bad, I proceeded to add the broth and throw in my washed lentils, hoping to salvage what I was doing.  No luck!  I just managed to ruin perfectly good broth and lentils and stink up the whole house with the smell of burnt.

So off to the grocery store I went to find something quick for dinner: another soup.  Near the deli section I found jarred soups that were low in sodium… and ridiculously overpriced.  But I’m a sucker and bought a jar anyway.

Last night I decided to try again.  I carefully prepared all my ingredients in advance:  chopped the onions and carrots, measured out the spices, washed and sorted the lentils.  I was not going to repeat Monday’s fiasco!

Confession: I altered the soup’s garnish.  (It’s getting harder and harder to stick to recipes.  I think because I am getting braver about my cooking/baking.  Also, it’s ridiculously cold in Ontario right now and I am not going outside without a really good reason!)  I am not much of a fan of cilantro and forgot about the olive oil and pinch of chilli power (until just now).  Instead, I added the lemon juice as suggested and then we added a dollop of yoghurt to our bowls.  Also, I blended the whole soup until smooth instead of leaving lumps as suggested.

How did it turn out, you ask?

The soup didn’t seem to have a ton of flavour.  Though after each bite you’d get hit with some heat.

It had a consistency that seemed almost fluffy… if that makes any sense.

It was really good with the yoghurt.  That was a good addition that I think I’ll continue to use with soups like this.

Everyone ate it and my husband said I could make it again.  However, I think I’ll try a couple other recipes before settling on one.  If you have lentil soup recipe (or any soup recipe, really) that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you!


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