Friday was garbage day so Thursday night I was cleaning out the uneaten, overdue leftovers from the fridge.  Next year I’m going to resolve to waste less food!

Earlier in the week I made pumpkin muffins and pumpkin french toast (as mentioned in the Jan 1st post), and I was determined to use the pumpkin leftovers before they ended up in next week’s garbage.

Friday morning I was inspired to make pumpkin pancakes.  Unfortunately I started them too late in the morning to actually give them to my son for breakfast.  He was just too hungry to wait.  But what I discovered is that the cold pancakes make an excellent snack!  He just loved them!

Plus, they were a great breakfast hot off the griddle!  My husband who isn’t a huge fan of pancakes said he’d eat them again.

I found that once I mixed the wet and dry ingredients the batter was too thick.  So I ended up adding another 1/2 cup or so of milk to thin it out.

For some reason I always struggle with cooking pancakes.  It usually takes a couple batches in the pan and tweaks to the batter before they cook up properly.

Any tips on cooking the perfect pancake?


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