Two-thirds full

As we speak I have a batch of cornmeal muffins in the oven.  I don’t know what got me thinking about cornmeal muffins in the first place, but I’ve been thinking about them for a few weeks now.

I am giving this recipe a try:

I followed the recipe exactly (as promised in this post here).  So exactly, actually, that I didn’t even use paper baking cups.  This is new for me and I’m sure I over greased the pan out of fear!  (Good news!  All the muffins came out of their cups… and scattered everywhere!  How do you get them out gracefully???)

Now, this recipe didn’t say how full to fill the muffin cups, but more often than not recipes say something to the effect of “fill cups to two-thirds full”.  This is always a struggle for me.  The mathematically-minded, over-analytical side of me wrestles with what they really mean by 2/3s.  Are they taking into account the fact that the bottom of the cup is narrower than the top?  Or am I supposed to pretend that the cup is a perfectly straight cylinder?  And to be honnest I’ve just recently become aware of the fact that the recipe writer might not actually care that the cup is shaped like a conical graduated cylinder (I had to look that up…).   But I care, folks!  And so I never end up with the proper number of muffins…

Oh, and the muffins turned out well!  I now need to find an appropriate dish to serve them with.  Any suggestions?


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