Tortilla Shells

I love tacos.

I love salsa and sour cream and cheese and all the toppings that go into making a great taco.  But for some reason our family can never finish the tortilla shells before they go bad.  Evidently we aren’t eating tacos enough!

I decided to try and fix this problem by trying a new recipe to help use them up.  I decided that a tortilla pie would be the answer.  So I searched for a recipe that had ingredients that we had in the house, and this is what I found:

And here’s my review:

I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t worth the effort.  30 minutes of prep is too long when I could have just made tacos…

My second complaint is that there was WAY too much corn.  I am usually a corn fan.  I love corn on the cob and corn as a side dish, but this tortilla pie was just bursting at the seems with corn.  And I mean literally bursting.  Corn ended up everywhere!  And every bite all I could taste was corn.

My third complaint was the use of tomato paste.  This is the second recipe I have tried that requires just 2 tablespoons of the stuff.  I have yet to figure out what to do with the rest of the jar.  (I highly recommend these Sloppy Joes despite the tomato paste flaw:

What I did like about the recipe was the spinach.  It wasn’t noticeable at all!  Even my husband (who has super human taste buds) didn’t mind that it was in there.  Now, maybe that’s because all you could taste was corn… but still, I think this is a trick I will try to use more often.

So it looks like I’ll be continuing my quest to find ways to use up the tortilla shells.  If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.  I am also open to suggestions on what to do with leftover tomato paste!


One thought on “Tortilla Shells

  1. Okay we are all about making up spaghetti sauce when we have it. So I will commonly just put in tomato paste and a can of diced tomatoes (with lots of spices and ground turkey). SO maybe use the paste you need and then the next night make some spaghetti… sorry I know this means you will know I have read your blog 🙂 but look I waited for a bit 😉

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