Fishy business

The office building that I used to work at is beside a well known local fish and chips place.  I have never been a seafood fan, but I discovered in my years at that office that I really like batter and tartar sauce.  Particularly tartar sauce!

Nevertheless, I have recently felt the need to include more fish in my family’s diet.  When I shared this thought with my husband a few months back he was less than thrilled.  But I forged on anyway.  My first attempt at cooking fish was tilapia.  I figured with its popularity these days it would be a great place to start.  No so much!  It tasted earthy.  And yes, that means it tasted like dirt!

I have since come to the conclusion that the tilapia may not have been fully cooked, though I’m not ready to try it again at this point in time to prove my theory.  Instead I’m sticking to what I know to be good (when battered and smothered in sauce): haddock.  We have now tried and enjoyed the High Liner Pan-Sear Haddock, however, unless it’s on sale it’s a little pricey.  And so my goal is to try and replicate it on my own.

Yesterday was attempt 1.  I purchased a pack of plain High Liner frozen haddock and followed the recipe on the back for Lemon Herb Haddock.  Really the only commonality between the recipe and the Pan-Sear Haddock listed above is the use of High Liner fish and some garlic… but I had to start somewhere!

My review: I still love tartar sauce.  My husband’s review: it was good!

I call this big a success!

(Although I won’t blog about it today, I did also try a new way of cooking potatoes yesterday.  I just wasn’t in the mood for mashed potatoes so gave Rachael Ray’s Potatoes and Onions a try.  This was also a hit with my husband and I’ll most likely make it again.)


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